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Tema: El Mini a lo largo de la historia.

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    El Mini a lo largo de la historia.

    Mini through the Ages
    A Pictorial Guide by mCm.

    Marques produced through 1959 to present day.

    Here we will be putting each marque's picture along with a brief description of interior and some technical data.

    One of the earliest sketchs of Sir Alec's idea for the Mini

    Being in production for so long, and having so many marques and variants, if a particular marque isnt illustrated, bear with us, it is on it's way.

    Some marques may be shown without a description, but we will fill in the info as soon as we possibly can.

    List of marques:

    Austin Seven Saloon standard (cloth trim) 1959-1962 Original Basic no-frills model. Very rare now

    Morris Mini Minor Saloon standard (cloth trim) 1959-1962 Different badges and colours to the Austin

    Austin Seven Saloon DeLuxe 1959-1962 More luxurious model, with trim and carpet .

    Morris Mini Minor Saloon DeLuxe 1959-1962 Luxurious version of the Morris

    Austin Seven Countryman (wood trim) 1960-1967 Longer wheelbase, wood wasn't structural

    Morris Mini Traveller (wood trim) 1960-1967 As the Countryman, but by Morris

    Austin Seven Minivan 1960-1969 Popular and versatile commercial Mini

    Morris Mini Minivan 1960-1969 Same van, different badges

    Austin Seven Pick-up 1961-1969 Like the van, but with an open rear load area

    Morris Mini Pick-up 1961-1969 Same Pick-up, different badges .

    Austin Super Seven Super Saloon 1961-1962 Two tone paint and a different grille

    Morris Mini Minor Super Saloon 1961-1962 Very rare now, with a 10-slat grille

    Austin Seven Mini Cooper 997cc saloon 1961-1964 First Austin to carry the famous badge

    Morris Mini Cooper 997cc saloon 1961-1964 Morris got to wear the famous badge too

    Riley Elf MkI 848cc saloon 1961-1963 Mini with a boot and an upright grille

    Wolseley Hornet MkI 848cc saloon 1961-1963 Like the Elf but with a sparser interior

    Austin Mini Saloon standard (Vynide trim) 1962-1967 The Austin version becomes a 'Mini' too

    Morris Mini Minor Saloon standard (Vynide trim) 1962-1967 Better quality interior

    Austin Mini Super DeLuxe saloon 1962-1967 New grille and more interior bits and pieces

    Morris Mini Minor Super DeLuxe saloon 1962-1967 Back then £561 - worth a bit more now

    Austin Mini Countryman (all metal body) 1962-1967 Countryman gets the Mini name too

    Morris Mini Traveller (all metal body) 1962-1967 Britain gets the all-metal version

    Austin Mini Cooper S 1071cc saloon 1963-1964 Watch out for the ventilated wheels and S badge

    Morris Mini Cooper S 1071cc saloon 1963-1964 Morris version of the S goes up to 1071cc

    Riley Elf MkII 998cc saloon 1963-1966 The Elf moves to the 998cc engine

    Wolseley Hornet MkII 998cc saloon 1963-1966 As does the Hornet, achieving 38 bhp

    Austin Mini Moke 1964-1968 The Mini's answer to army transportation

    Morris Mini Moke 1964-1968 The only difference was the badge

    Austin Mini Cooper 998cc saloon 1964-1967 Twin carbs achieved 55 bhp

    Morris Mini Cooper 998cc saloon 1964-1967 Coopers got hydrolastic suspension in 1964

    Austin Mini Cooper S 970cc 1964-1965 Rare as rare can be, and now very desirable

    Morris Mini Cooper S 970cc 1964-1965 Special-order only, due to the costly engine

    Austin Mini Cooper S 1275cc saloon 1964-1967 These are particularly desirable from 1966

    Morris Mini Cooper S 1275cc saloon 1964-1967 Twin tanks and uprated suspension were new

    Riley Elf MkIII 998cc saloon 1966-1969 MkIII got internal hinges and wind up windows

    Wolseley Hornet MkIII 998cc saloon 1966-1969 Hornet again followed the Elf's lead

    Austin Mini MkII 850cc saloon standard 1967-1969 Squarer front grille and bigger rear window

    Morris Mini Minor MkII 850cc saloon standard 1967-1969 MkII also got larger lights and tech mods

    Austin Mini MkII 850cc saloon Super DeLuxe 1967-1969 Watch out for chrome window surrounds

    Morris Mini Minor MkII 850cc saloon Super DeLuxe 1967-1969 This model also had a standard heater

    Austin Mini MkIII 998cc saloon Super DeLuxe 1967-1969 The Elf's engine reaches the DeLuxe saloon

    Morris Mini Minor MkIII 998cc saloon Super DeLuxe 1967-1969 Morris got the Elf engine in their DeLuxe too

    Austin Mini MkII Countryman (wood) 1967-1969 MkII mods changed the front end

    Morris Mini MkII Traveller (wood) 1967-1969 New grille, but rear lights stayed in MkI style

    Austin Mini MkII Countryman (metal) 1967-1969 The metal versions got the same mods

    Morris Mini MkII Traveller (metal) 1967-1969 slightly different grille to the Austin version

    Austin Mini Cooper MkII 998cc saloon 1967-1969 Cooper gets all the MkII mods

    Morris Mini Cooper MkII 998cc saloon 1967-1969 Only difference from Austin is the badge

    Austin Mini Cooper S MkII 1275cc saloon 1967-1969 The Cooper S gets the MkII modifications

    Morris Mini Cooper S MkII 1275cc saloon 1967-1969 White badge rather than Austin's black one

    Austin Minivan 1000 1967-1969 The 1-litre engine became an option

    Morris Minivan 1000 1967-1969 Bigger engine in the Morris version too

    Austin Mini Pick-up 1000 1967-1969 Introduction of the 998cc engine

    Morris Mini Pick-up 1000 1967-1969 Bar the engine, this one stayed the same

    Mini 850 Saloon 1969-1974 Basic model MkIII, internal door hinges

    Mini 1000 Saloon 1969-1974 Superior engine, trim and brightwork to the 850

    Mini Clubman 1000 saloon 1969-1974 Say Hello to that contentious slab-front

    Mini Clubman 1000 Estate 1969-1974 Estate version had a longer wheelbase

    Mini 1275 GT Saloon 1969-1974 Speedy Clubman with dress-up goodies

    Mini Cooper S MkIII 1275 saloon 1970-1971 The last Cooper S to be produced

    Mini 850 Minivan 1969-1974 Van finally gets the Mini badge too

    Mini 1000 Minivan 1969-1974 Minivan was available in two engine sizes

    Mini 850 Pick-up 1969-1974 All models re-badged as the Mini Pick-up

    Mini 1000 Pick-up 1969-1974 Pick-up available in two engine sizes as well

    Mini 850 Saloon 1974-1979 Included inertia-reel belts and a heater

    Mini 1000 Saloon 1974-1979 Mini 1000 received the same tweaks as the 850

    Mini Clubman 1000 saloon 1974-1980 Interior tweaks were the order of the day

    Mini Clubman 1000 Estate 1974-1980 Bye-bye fake wood, hello extra stickers

    Mini 1275 GT Saloon 1974-1980 The first Mini to get 12 inch wheels

    Mini 850 Minivan 1974-1983 The 850 van was available until 1983

    Mini 1000 Minivan 1974-1983 The 1000 engine was an option until 1983 too

    Mini 850 Pick-up 1974-1980 The 850 Pick-up ended production first

    Mini 1000 Pick-up 1974-1983 The 1000 Pick-up ended with the van

    Mini Clubman 1100 saloon 1975-1980 The 1098 engine became standard

    Mini Clubman 1100 Estate 1975-1980 The 1098 was standard on the estate version

    Mini 1000 Special Limited Edition 1976 Rare. Green paint and Orange striped interior

    Mini 1100 Special Limited Edition 1979 Silver or Rose, custom bits, bigger engine

    Mini 850 City Saloon 1979-1980 Short-lived and the last of the 850's

    Mini 850 Super DeLuxe saloon 1979-1980 Basically the same as the 1000, snazzy trim

    Mini 1000 Super saloon 1979-1980 The old Mini cost £2829 back in 1979

    Mini 1000 City Saloon 1980-1982 Basically the 850 with a bigger engine

    Mini 1000 HL Saloon 1980-1982 Clubman check interior and Metro A-plus

    Mini 1000 HL Estate 1980-1982 Re-badged Clubman Estate with HL trim

    Mini 1000 City E Saloon 1982-1988 A new economy model, with engine tweaks

    Mini 1000 HLE Saloon 1982 The 1000 HL with Economical tweaks

    Mini 1000 Mayfair Saloon 1982-1992 The new luxury level Mini, with velour trim

    Mini Sprite Limited Edition 1983 Bold decals and available in red or yellow

    Mini 25 Limited Edition 1984 First anniversary Mini, silver with red decals

    Mini Ritz Limited Edition 1985 Similar in look to the 25, plush interior

    Mini Chelsea Limited Edition 1986 Gold, silver, Targa Red, and a must for yuppies

    Mini Piccadilly Limited Edition 1986 Cashmere Gold LE, rare in decent condition

    Mini Park Lane Limited Edition 1987 Black with white/red decals. Again, rare now

    Mini Advantage Limited Edition 1987 White tennis-themed Mini with net decals

    Mini 1000 City E Saloon 1988-1992 The City E gets more interior goodies

    Mini Red Hot Limited Edition 1988 About as '80s-looking as a Mini could go

    Mini Jet Black Limited Edition 1988 About as '80s as you could go but in black

    Mini Designer Limited Edition 1988 Mary Quant's flower-badged

    Mini Sky Limited Edition 1988 Mmmm. White Mini, Pastel-blue roof

    Mini Rose Limited Edition 1988 Like the Sky, only with a pink roof

    Mini Racing Limited Edition 1988 British Racing Green with a white roof

    Mini Flame Limited Edition 1988 Flame Red with a white roof

    Mini 30 Limited Edition 1989 Cherry Red or black, birthday alloys

    ERA Mini 1275 Turbo Special Build 1989-1990 Big engine, big bodykit, big price tag

    Mini Checkmate Limited Edition 1990 Black with white roof and alloy wheels

    Mini Racing Green Limited Edition 1990 1988 model relaunched with alloy wheels

    Mini Flame Red Limited Edition 1990

    Studio 2 Limited Edition 1990 Nicked its colour scheme from the Metro

    Mini Cooper SE (RSP) Limited Edition 1990 Limited to just 1000, actually built 1650

    Mini Cooper Carburetor engine 1990-1991 The RSP was so popular they made this one

    Mini Neon Limited Edition 1991 Nordic Blue with pink and white

    Mini Cabriolet Lamm Limited Edition 1991 German conversion, cost loads

    Mini Cooper 1.3i Fuel injection engine 1991-1996 Anyone for fuel-injection and spots?

    British Open Classic Limited Edition 1992 Full-length sunroof made these desirable

    Mini Italian Job Limited Edition 1992 Well, if it's good enough for Michael Caine

    Mini Cooper 1.3 Si Limited Edition (John Cooper) 1992-1996 Cooper Garages performance kit added

    Mini Sprite 1275cc saloon 1992-1996 Goodbye City, hello new entry-level model

    Mini Mayfair 1275cc saloon 1992-1996 Full walnut dash was a big change in 1993

    Mini Cabriolet 1275cc 1993-1996 Bodykit, five-spoke alloys and a folding sunroof

    Mini Rio Limited Edition 1993 Duran Duran had so much to answer for

    Mini Tahiti Limited Edition 1993 Tahiti Blue with palm tree decals and alloys

    Mini 35 Limited Edition 1994 Red most common, blue or white ones rarer

    Mini Cooper Monte Carlo Limited Edition 1994 Rally looks pay tribute to Paddy Hopkirk

    Mini Cooper Grand Prix Limited Edition (John Cooper) 1994-1996 re-live those heady days of Cooper racing

    Mini Sidewalk Limited Edition 1995 Mini goes all Scottish with tartan interior

    Mini Cooper S Limited Edition 1995 Adding that one evocative letter again

    Mini Equinox Limited Edition 1996 In silver (rare) or purple with sun decals

    Mini Cooper 35 Limited Edition 1996 The Mini Cooper hits 35 in style

    Mini 1.3i Front-mounted radiator 1996-2000 First big standard engine change in a while

    Mini Cooper Front-mounted radiator 1996-2000 Cooper also gets a change of engine

    Mini Cooper Sportpack Front-mounted radiator 1996-2000 Cooper gets big 13-inchers and arches

    Mini Paul Smith Limited Edition 1998 Fashion designer does blue with lurid green

    Mini Cooper Sports Limited Edition 1988 Black or Brooklands Green with green inside

    Mini 40 Limited Edition 40th Anniversary 1999 Luxury anniversary one, in white, red or blue

    Mini Cooper LE Limited Edition (John Cooper) 1999 Cooper gets tweaked by its inventor

    Mini Seven Classic finale 2000 Retro styling in red, white or black

    Mini Cooper Classic finale 2000 Non-Sportpack version of the last Cooper

    Mini Cooper Sport Classic finale 2000 This was the one with the big arches

    BMW Mini One

    BMW Mini Cooper S

    BMW Mini Convertible

    Plus Minis by Downton Engineering, Radford, Crayford and others.

    Enjoy Minis through the Ages!

    The mCm Team

    Fuente: North American Motoring

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    Lo que daríamos por tener uno como este...

    Interesante info, Iván. Gracias!

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    Lo que daríamos por tener uno como este...

    Interesante info, Iván. Gracias!

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    Que POTITO

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